Anonymous asked:
Hey Jeemun, I've been a fan and follower from the beginning hair days but you're looking so pretentious lately. The whole modelling thing has definitely changed you boo. You must have an amazing job, unless you're one of those lucky girls that is very well looked after. I do love the giveaway idea and wish you the best. xxx

Thanks don’t forget to enter!! Good luck!!


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Anonymous asked:
You've changed so much. Before I followed you because of the values you upheld and your manner. Now your video girl. Not like the old jeemun that we all used to watch on YouTube. You come across as vain and self obsessed now. Twerking on the side of a boat, really?! Those aren't even your real friends. Your all just looking for attention. Hope your happy though

I’ve been a model with the same company since I was 18 I’m 23 this year. It’s not that deep Hun. Still exactly the same person with the same morals n values if not stronger